Much Better Than Organic - It's Embryonic

The following notes have been completed by Roger Snow, CEO of Rocky Mountain Grain Products (299614 AB Ltd).

Please note that Roger Snow and associates invented the Primary Product Hemp Hearts™ over sixteen years ago. We then invented the derivative products... Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) High Protein Flakes™ and Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) High Protein Powder™ and Hemp Hearts Green Oil™ and Hemp Hearts Clear Oiland Hemp Hearts Dip-Dressing-Sauce™ as well as the original Hemp Hearts Cookies™ ...soon after.
Some competitors copy our Hemp Hearts™ explained below... But no one has yet been able to copy our derivative products... And some of our derivative products are better than Hemp Hearts™ many respects.

We are the only hemp product supplier in the world with four important capabilities described as follows:

First: We are the only supplier with machinery that will remove shells from very dry hemp seeds without pulverizing (destroying) the inner parts of the seeds. This allows us to avoid purchasing and utilizing moist grain, especially grain that has been allowed to lay on manure fertilized ground in moist swathes...collecting microorganisms. Many of our "organic", "natural" and "transitional" competitors have caused immense problems in this industry by storing and processing grain and that is dangerously moist. They commonly flavor their spoiled products...They commonly encapsulate their putrid oils and market them as supplements and medicines... They recently developed "organic" acids which they now sometimes use to wash their very spoiled high moisture hemp products to try to control the proliferation of dangerous microorganisms: e-coli, salmonella, campylobacter, listeria, etc..

Second: We are the only supplier with machinery that will extract oil from shelled hemp seeds rather than from whole, shell-covered hemp seeds. We abrade and scour our shelled covered seeds and then remove their shells before making Hemp Hearts, Hemp Hearts Flakes, Hemp Hearts Powders or Hemp Hearts Oils. All of our derivative products are therefore free of ground shell fragments and...more importantly... free of the air pollution that covers all hemp seed shells. Our products are also free of the bird, insect and rodent excrement that is normally found on the shells that were processed to make competitors' "organic" products. Our derivative products always test with about 2000 % less air pollutants than competitors' "organic" products. Our products always test free of actual pesticides or herbicides.

Third: We are the only supplier with access to machinery that can be used to concentrate any desired percentage of Hemp Hearts Embryo---the Life Force of the hemp seed---into any of our products. Our Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Flakes™...our Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Powder™...our Hemp Hearts Green Oil™...our Hemp Hearts Clear Oil™...our Hemp Hearts Dip-Dressing-Sauce™...our 25 Hemp Hearts More Than A Square Meals™ as well as our Little Man's Hemp Hearts Cookies™ are made from EMBRYONIC Hemp Hearts that have been concentrated with the life Force of the seed

Fourth: We are the only supplier that invites our wholesale customers to set their own quality parameters and then enables these customers to select the product that will best match these quality parameters...Our wholesale customers first describe the quality parameters that are important for their purposes. We then select from many dozens of farm lots and we choose the appropriate processes that will enable us to match the customer parameters as perfectly as possible. We assign a number to each 25 pound pail of finished product as it emerges from various product lines. We then provide our customers with matching 50 gram samples of hundreds of pails of product, keeping the numbered pails in "walk in" freezers until customers have selected the specific pails that they prefer for their shipment. Customers can receive samples from us to any address in the US in about three days. It is not difficult for us to assist customers to set their own quality parameters...and then to assist customers to select product that will best match these quality parameters.

"Organic", "HACCP" and , "ISO" have become marketing strategies... not quality strategies.

Those who use these marketing strategies are often affiliated with those who own the rights to dwarf varieties of hemp that were sometimes produced by irradiating normal hemp seeds to create mutant breeds of plants. Dwarf varieties of hemp are preferred by farmers because dwarf varieties do not produce too much stalk material for standard farm machinery.

Unfortunately, these dwarf varieties often do not hold their seeds well enough to be allowed to dry while standing in windy fields. These crops are normally harvested wet and then allowed to dry in wet swaths which often lie on manure covered ground where they accumulate microorganisms. The finished products from these crops normally include pollution covered shell material...contaminated with dangerous microorganisms. These finished products often taste moldy or stale-especially if they have been stored in bins for most of the following Spring and Summer before processing. My "organic", "HACCP" and "ISO" certified competitors often cover the spoiled tastes of these products with flavors and capsules-relying on various certifications to market their garbage. They do not educate "third party" quality agents about any of the real issues that affect quality in this industry...

Instead of "Organic" and "HACCP" and "ISO" we offer the following:

Rocky Mountain Grain Hemp Hearts™ are better than organic because they come from a climate where the growing season is so short that there are no insects until the crop is well-developed and easily able to compete with insects. Our grains never test positive for herbicides, but we do not have insect damage.

Rocky Mountain Grain Hemp Hearts™ are better than organic because they come from a climate where other plants die in Winter and do not compete with hemp that is planted on clean fields in early Spring. As soon as the hemp has a good start, weed plants can not compete well with tall hemp plants--because the weed plants do not get enough sunlight. Our grains never test positive for herbicides, but we do not have crops that are thoroughly contaminated with weeds and other grains.

Rocky Mountain Grain Hemp Hearts™ are better than organic because they were not fertilized with animal wastes like most organic crops. Animal waste always leaves e-coli and other fecal microorganisms in the water. The water then always takes these fecal microorganisms to the internal parts of plants. Composting only kills some of the microorganisms in the center of the compost pile---not the microorganisms at the edge of the pile. We want our Hemp Hearts™ to be used raw. We do not want Hemp Hearts™ to contain e-coli, listeria, salmonella, campylobacter and the other microorganisms that live in animal waste fertilizer. Our crops receive nitrogen that has been extracted from the air using natural gas for heat---using science not junk science, but making them unacceptable to "organic" associations.

Rocky Mountain Grain Hemp Hearts™ are better than organic because in my industry most organic farmers sell mouldy-tasting, bitter-tasting, mixtures of grains and weeds---relying on the name "organic" to make the sale. Most competitors commonly blend tiny amounts of this refuse with relatively immense amounts of conventional grain. The only thing "organic" about their offering is their label. We have learned how to make Hemp Hearts™ ---perfect shelled hemp seeds---every time. Various "organic" competitors are now trying to steal our name Hemp Hearts™ because our products have been consistently better than theirs.

Everyone who has ever washed a white car and then experienced a rain shower on it notices that dark colored air pollution falls with the rain drops on to the surfaces of their car. Properly calculated, the pollution that falls on plants and seeds from the air is immense. The flowers on male hemp plants produce immense volumes of low THC pollens. These pollens similarly fall and travel with breezes everywhere in the hemp fields. Low THC pollens, like air pollution, stick to the surfaces of all seeds and all other plant material. My competitors make their oil and their hemp protein powder and other products from whole seeds...the shells of which are covered with THC pollens as well as other types of air pollution. When I test their powders and oils, I commonly find 4 ppm THC. I make all of my products from the heart of the seed after the seed has been scoured and the shells removed. When I test my products--I always find zero THC---- to an accuracy of decimal 2 ppm. My competitors' products therefore have about 2000 percent more air pollution on their products than I do on mine. (I have done expensive testing relative to the above and my test results are available....).

Organic Hemp Protein Powder-- because of its sandy ground shell content--normally tests with 2000 percent more air pollution than our shell free Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Powder™ and other products. Our Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT ) Powder™ is the ONLY hemp protein powder that was not made from ground material containing polluted shell particles. In fact, we make 30 premium products from Hemp Hearts--but nothing at all that includes bitter, sandy, ground shell material.

All of our products are made from original Hemp Hearts™, shelled hemp seeds...hence our family names normall include the words "hemp hearts"...Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Flakes™, Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Powder™, Hemp Hearts Dip-Dressing-Sauce™ , Hemp Hearts Sparkling Clear Oil™, Hemp Hearts Green Oil™ and Hemp Hearts More Than A Square Meals™--all 25 of them... as well as our Little Man's Hemp Hearts Cookies™

Furthermore, we utilize the green hemp seed embryo...the Life Force of the all of our Hemp Hearts products. More embryo is used to make our Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Flakes™...our Hemp Hearts (REDUCED FAT) Powder™...our Hemp Hearts Dip-Dressing-Sauce™...our Hemp Hearts Sparkling Clear Oil™... our Hemp Hearts Green Oil™...our Hemp Hearts More Than A Square Meals™...all 25 of well as our Little Man's Hemp Hearts Cookies than is used in our Original Hemp Hearts™...which competes with inferior products that are usually offered with less green component than we prefer...

With best regards,
Roger Snow