History of Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, In Promoting Health

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After thirty years of supplying myself with sufficient ordinary food (mostly starches) to be able to work sixteen hour days farming, as well as building and installing machines for local food processing plants - I was a fifty year old wreck. I had high blood pressure, high blood sugar, chronic prostate inflammation, several digestive disorders, extensive arthritic pain and I caught many contagious diseases every year. Chronic back pain would not allow me to lay down -- I had to learn to sleep sitting up; I could not empty my bladder -- fiber optics revealed an inflamed prostate blockage; I was too heavy to climb most ladders - the rungs broke; I avoided children the very sight of their runny noses seemed to initiate respiratory illnesses from which I did not fully recover for months.I frequented medical clinics and pharmacies.

Over ten years ago a group of farmers, among the first in Canada to become licensed to grow industrial hemp, brought me some hemp seeds and asked if I could build a machine to remove the shells from the seeds. I eventually built a series of machines and provided the farmers with an excellent sample of the first Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, -- but no one was willing to purchase my machines.

I did not eat Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, myself, for several months, but when I first tried them in large quantity early one morning on a small bowl of oat meal, I noticed that I could easily refrain from eating again until late afternoon. This was astonishing to me. At that time in my life I normally began each day with bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast, pancakes, syrup and six cups of coffee -- yet I was always so weak and hungry again in only two hours that it was impossible for me to function without more food. In those days, whenever I stopped for gasoline I would consume two of the largest candy bars on the store shelf.Very gradually over twenty years, I had become one hundred pounds heavier than I had been in High School and I attributed most of my health problems to my excess weight.

For the next fifty days I ate Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, and oatmeal for breakfast, drank tea frequently and consumed nothing later -- except for two bottles of beer, evenings. After fifty days of this strange diet I was fifty pounds lighter and all of my typical late onset health problems were already somewhat alleviated. Although this diet was very effective for satisfying hunger and providing sufficient energy, it produced unpredictable and sometimes watery stools. I did not dare walk the few hundred feet to my shop each morning until I had gone to the bathroom twice. I did not dare to go anywhere without toilet paper and I frequently had to divert to side roads on my way to the city.

Being mechanically minded, I decided to try eating Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, with huge amounts of celery instead of oatmeal -- hoping that the long fibers in the celery would hold my stools together, making them less watery. For one week I consumed Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, with as much celery as I could eat every morning and instead of beer I consumed more celery at night. My stools were consistently like ropes -- definitely not watery.

I soon experimented with different vegetables and fruit and discovered that large quantities of any raw, unprocessed, non-starchy fruit or vegetables would produce perfect bowel movements when consumed with virtually any quantity of Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, but the introduction of significant amounts of starch or blended, ground, cooked food always made bowel movements unpredictable. For another fifty days I ate at least five heaping tablespoons of Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, for breakfast with raw vegetables and yogurt or with fruit and yogurt and consumed no food later until about six pm when I had a few more vegetables without dressing. I lost another fifty pounds and was amazed to notice that all of my typical late onset health problems had totally disappeared.

That change was over ten years ago. None of my typical late onset health problems have since returned. I can easily work eighteen hour days;I never experience any illness.

But I was certainly not the first to discover that the heart of the hemp seed could be used to change diets and reverse serious health conditions. The Latin name for the hemp plant, cannabis sativa, means most perfect food, but for at least seven thousand years before the plant was given its Latin name, human history was frequently linked to the use of hemp seeds for health and energy. Until recently, machines were not available for removing the shells from hemp seeds. Previously, to obtain the equivalent of five heaping tablespoons of Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, by consuming whole seeds as harvested, would require the extensive chewing of about twenty tablespoons of very abrasive material an extremely unpleasant task. The hearts of hemp seeds, therefore, have only been previously available in significant quantities to those who learned to separate the hearts from the shells by making a paste called oil, or by dissolving the seed contents to make a liquid called hemp milk.

The most comprehensive and amazing scientific study ever performed on the effect of the heart of the hemp seed on human health was undertaken by Dr. Jan Kabelik, director of The Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology at Palacky University, Dr. F. Santavy, director of the Institute of Medical Chemistry at Palacky University and Dr. Josef Sirek, Chairman of the Tuberculosis Hospital at Jince, Czechoslovakia. For over thirty years, when modern drugs were not available, these doctors and their many colleagues used the dissolved hearts of hemp seeds in a residential hospital setting, as well as in many homes nearby, to cure tuberculosis in all of the individuals treated--mostly children. Their records of their procedures and results are meticulous. Their study spanned a period of war when there was sometimes not much food available locally. It involved many individuals who arrived at their residential hospital in a severely malnourished state where the hemp diet was accompanied by other protein foods, but it also involved many other individuals who were supplied with hemp foods in their homes where their diet did not otherwise change from the diet that had precipitated the disease. All were cured. The doctors credited their success to the unique protein composition of hemp seeds. A portion of a report on this comprehensive study follows as it was presented to a convention of doctors: Hemp as a Medicament.

By word of mouth, shelled hemp seeds have been introduced to hundreds of thousands of individuals. In thousands of conversations, our customers have provided us with the information that resulted in an amazing diet, described as: The Thirty Greatest Hemp Foods And How To Get Maximum Benefit From Them.

Read a report to a convention of doctors about a scientific study which proved that the dissolved "heart" of the hemp seed can be used as the most significant part of a diet that will reverse disease: Hemp as a Medicament.

Customers' personal experiences with Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, are described in their own handwriting in: Categorized Customer Health Surveys About Hemp Hearts™ And Health.

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