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(A) Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds

Less than 90g of Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, each day makes a perfect diet from a few raw vegetables

Hemp Salad

So perfect for energy that many customers have to eat Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, salads early, or they have too much energy to sleep at night. We guarantee sufficient energy for 6 hours from 88g Hemp Hearts with the vegetables below ... or your money back.

Hemp Hearts

So Perfect for satisfying hunger that many customers do not eat again on days that begin with a Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, Salad for Breakfast. We guarantee that 88 g Hemp Hearts with the vegetables below will satisfy hunger for 6 hours... or your money back.

So perfect for improving digestive health that we guarantee that those who consume 88g of Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, with the vegetables below will clean out initially and then later experience rope-like bowel movements every day...or your money back.

So perfect for improving tissue health--that many of our customers who previously suffered from hardened arteries, inflamed joints and diminishing performance soon report lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, less inflammation and less joint pain, but much improved hair and skin and much better mental performance.

A Perfect Breakfast is a Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, Salad that always contains: at least five heaping tablespoons (55g) of Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, (perhaps as much as 88g) with tomato, spinach or fenugreek, cucumber, radish, celery, carrot, lemon or lime juice, cayenne pepper and garlic. The occasional use of dates, figs, berries, grapes, avocado, sprouts, yogurt and cottage cheese keeps it interesting. If inclined, use other protein foods later, but never starches. Diabetics should totally avoid the fruit items.

When weight loss is desired, avoid any food after breakfast until early evening and then consume only a few raw vegetables. Drink calorie free liquids for relief from boredom or hunger, but always go to bed hungry. Those who do not cheat can lose thirty pounds per month with no loose skin.

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Doctors call me frequently with questions about their patients who later became my Hemp Hearts customers: How do I explain the fact that a 75 year old high blood pressure patient now has the blood pressure of an 18 year old--without using any blood thinners? How do I explain that a long term arthritis patient now experiences no pain--without using anti-inflammatory or other drugs? How do I explain that a patient previously experiencing chronic digestive disorders now has a properly functioning digestive system--without using laxatives or other medications? How do I explain that a Type II Diabetes patient is now able to control blood sugar without insulin? Or, that another Type II Diabetes patient has warmer and less discolored feet? The explanations are simple, but because we have been inappropriately programmed to believe that most late onset health problems are random or hereditary “diseases” that can only be “cured” with medications, we may need to re-examine these issues from a different perspective in order to understand the role of Hemp Hearts with long fiber foods in reversing these and myriad other late onset health problems. The three examples below demonstrate that most late onset health problems might be better understood as mechanical issues with nutritional causes--rather than “diseases”:

First example: Food that has been predigested by machines---powdered, blended, juiced and often cooked, as well--- is obviously processed by the human body much faster than food that enters the digestive system in raw chunks--relatively impervious to digestive fluids. The starches, especially, in machine-predigested foods are converted into sugars almost immediately. These sugars provide immediate energy for heat, for bodily functions and for activity, or they are converted into fat, but they are soon entirely processed. They can not provide energy for extended periods of time. The protein in machine-predigested foods satisifies hunger immediately as well, but because the protein is also too quickly extracted, these foods can not satisfy hunger for as long as if these foods took many hours to digest. Most processed foods are starch-prominent in nature and do not, in any case, contain sufficient protein to satisfy hunger for long periods of time. Those who attempt to use machine-predigested foods, especially, starch-prominent foods, for long lasting energy and for long lasting satisfaction of hunger usually consume ever larger portions, ever more frequently as they increase in weight. Their increasing requirement for digestive functions eventually exceeds the capability of their various digestive organs--resulting in Type II Diabetes and many other “diseases” related to the failure of their various digestive organs. Many of my older customers have overwhelmed their digestive organs with requirements for processing immense amounts of starch-prominent, machine-predigested foods. Type II Diabetes might be understood, more usefully, as a mechanical problem with a nutritional cause--rather than a “disease.”

Second example: Diets composed mostly of cooked, ground, blended foods with insufficient long fibers often produce toothpaste-like wastes that fill digestive tracts--drying and hardening where they press against intestinal walls. More recent wastes, also with insufficient long fibers to tie themselves “en masse”, sometimes proceed through the softer central portions of the previous wastes--forced to make “worm holes” through the congested portions of thirty foot long digestive systems. As these “worm holes” diminish in diameter, or increase in length and number, chronic constipation results in the swelling of the intestine in places to allow the passage of the softest, most recent wastes. Eventually, individuals can become laden with huge, dry waste obstructions inside intestines that have expanded in place to become up to ten inches in diameter. Imperfect diet, therefore, often causes mechanical problems that damage the digestive tract and that limit the function of the digestive system. Compromised digestive systems are also unable to utilize food efficiently, sometimes starving tissues of important nutrients. Many of my older customers have damaged their digestive tracts with diets consisting almost entirely of machine-predigested foods. They are unlikely to reverse these health problems until they understand them as mechanical issues with nutritional causes--rather than “diseases”. Constipation is the single most important “fact of life” for many of these older individuals--sometimes even affecting their mental health.

Third example: Every cell in the human body requires nourishment every morning with proteins, enzymes, essential fats, vitamins and minerals--not sugars and starches. In fact, protein is by far our most important nutrient--so important that human hunger is actually a mechanism to tell us when we need more protein. (Every old truck driver knows that a breakfast consisting of an old fashioned plate-filling-steak and several eggs will keep him satisfied for sixteen hours, but no quantity of pancakes with syrup will keep him satisfied for more than a couple of hours.) Imperfect nutrition--especially inadequate protein--causes reduced elasticity in all human tissues, but the reduced elasticity of veins and arteries is the primary cause of most premature health failure. Reduced elasticity in veins and arteries prevents them from expanding and contracting with each heart beat to eliminate deposits and remain clean; Congested veins and arteries then increasingly limit the flow of blood to various organs, resulting in the impaired function of these organs--producing the many serious “diseases” and inefficient behaviors associated with “old age”. There is actually only one kind of health--tissue health. Those who have vibrantly healthy hair and nails and heels and other tissues in their extremities, normally have healthy circulatory systems that support the proper function of virtually every part of their bodies. Diets composed of starch-prominent, machine-predigested foods do not supply adequate protein for maintaining tissue health. The resulting cardio-vascular diseases might be more usefully understood as tissue health failure caused by inadequate protein.

Laboratory tests prove that Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, are a much better source of protein than milk or meat and a much better source of essential fats than fish. Their shells are removed carefully and they are provided with rigid packages immediately after shelling to keep them as intact as possible; Most Hemp Hearts components remain protected inside their own plant membranes until consumed. Most Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds digests in the stomach, but some Hemp Hearts do not digest and release their fats until they are in the large intestine where they lubricate and facilitate the passage of the wastes there. Whenever Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, are consumed with raw long fiber foods--instead of starch-prominent, machine-predigested foods--customers notice long lasting energy, long lasting relief from hunger and perfect digestive health. They always require much less total food and have no difficulty in controlling weight.

Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, are not “magic , however. They only appear to be “magic” because they can be used with long fiber foods to reverse the abysmal effects of fifty years of government domination of the food industry. First, governments deliberately made protein foods expensive by limiting the production of protein foods--by allotting production quotas to their favorites and by imprisoning those farmers who refused to be restricted. The Canadian government now has to protect its protein food fiefdom with a 539 percent tariff against some imported protein foods and a 300 percent tariff against others--even though the foreign sources of competing protein foods are distant from Canadian markets and also over-regulated. Because of government involvement in our protein supply, individuals frequently pay more than ten times as much as they would have to pay for protein if chickens and cows were still free range scavengers--like they were before government involvement. As Western governments first restricted and then over-regulated the production of protein foods, these foods became increasingly expensive relative to sugar and starch-prominent foods. To conform with increasing government regulation and to avoid losing more of their markets, protein food suppliers then had to adopt the “factory farming” procedures which degraded their products and which make their products vulnerable to criticism. As Western diets became characterized by the almost continuous consumption of sugar and starch-prominent foods, obesity and increasing incidence of type II diabetes began to terrify governments with responsibility for health care. These governments, reluctant to admit failure and return food production to farmers, have instead concluded inappropriately that it is fat that causes obesity and diabetes. Many years ago they initiated a campaign against fats, a campaign that included the development of Nutrition Facts Boxes designed to expose the fat content of every food. Unfortunately, most of our fats are found in our protein foods, so the campaign against fats actually became another campaign against protein--our most important nutrient.

When protein deficient humans, experiencing tissue health failure, are taught to use Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, with long fiber foods, avoiding starch-prominent, machine-predigested foods, improvement is inevitable and Hemp Hearts may appear to be magic. They are only magic in that they have not yet had their valuable qualities ruined by government regulation. They only appear to be magic because government involvement in the food industry has degraded and then restricted the use of other protein foods. View comprehensive laboratory analysis of Hemp Hearts at Hemp Hearts Analysis


Made mostly with Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds--designed to prove that Hemp Hearts are unparalleled in providing long lasting energy and long lasting satisfaction relative to hunger. (Not as perfect for digestive health as Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, with raw vegetables and other long-fiber-foods.) Each 5 cm by 30 cm (2 inch by 24 inch) unit contains 84g (8 tablespoons) of Hemp Hearts bonded with 42g German dark chocolate--slightly sweetened. Each unit is topped with one of 25 choices of whole nuts or dried fruit chunks. GUARANTEED to satisfy for 6 hours, or your money back.

14 choices of More Than A Square Meal are made with dairy-free dark chocolate: roasted almond, roasted cashew, pecan, brazil nut, macadamia nut, pine nut, coconut, blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, raisin, papaya, pineapple and prune.

11 choices of More Than A Square Meal are made with slightly creamy, dark milk-chocolate: walnut, hazelnut, apricot, cherry, raspberry, gojiberry, mulberry, date, fig, mango and dragon fruit.

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More Than a Square Meal


About 50% protein and 14% fat (12% omega fat). Excellent for satisfying hunger, but provides only 2/3 as much energy as Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds. Excellent with soups: Interesting with the stevia leaves and cinnamon provided for very filling afternoon and evening snacks. (Keep in mind that a whole cup of Compressed Hemp Hearts™ is only 55g and only contains about 200 calories.) Contains all 18 proteins. Contains about twice as much protein as found in cows milk, about four times as much protein as found in human milk (calculations made on a dry, fat equivalent basis.) Does not have the wonderful taste and texture of Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, but has a much better taste and texture than hemp protein.

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Compressed Hemp Hearts


Both oils have been made by cold pressing imperfect lots of Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp hearts. Impurities are then removed with filtering processes involving freezing temperatures. CLEAN hemp oils are very stable. CLEAN hemp oils can be used for cooking because--unlike flax--hemp natural antioxidants prevent deterioration at cooking temperatures. No oils contain any protein--our most important nutrient, by far--so no oil supplements are of significant benefit relative to human health. Omega Fats are best obtained from Hemp Hearts, shelled hemp seeds, and other high protein foods--not supplements.

View Oil Study for a university, scientific study which proves that our oils can be used for cooking.


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Hemp Farms

By word of mouth, shelled hemp seeds have been introduced to hundreds of thousands of individuals. In thousands of conversations, our customers have provided us with the information that resulted in an amazing diet, described as: How To Obtain Maximum Benefit From Our Products.

Read a report to a convention of doctors about a scientific study which proved that the dissolved "heart" of the hemp seed can be used as the most significant part of a diet that will reverse disease: History Of Hemp Hearts In Promoting Health.

Their personal experiences with Hemp Hearts are described in their own handwriting in: Categorized Customer Health Surveys About Hemp Hearts And Health.

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